Anil Gammampila

Anil is the founder of Attra and currently serves as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Besides guiding Attra’s strategic direction, Anil focuses his attention on three areas close to his heart: technology, delivery, and quality. In championing these causes, Anil enjoys working closely with the younger generation of the Attra team, mentoring upcoming leaders and passing on his knowledge and experience.

Anil founded Attra in Melbourne in 1995 with the objective of building a payments company that is passionate about its customers and about delivery. By 2003, he had grown Attra into a 120-people niche consultancy, providing business and IT expertise to the payments industry in Australia. Anil’s objective has always been to be a world citizen and to make Attra into a global company with a diverse employee base. With this in mind, Anil expanded Attra’s leadership team to enable the creation of a development center in India and several offices around the globe in 2004. Since then, Attra’s client base has evolved with it, becoming truly international and serving the global payments market.

Anil is passionate about being in the payments industry as it is the single most important technology connecting humans commercially, which is evolving every single day. Outside of Attra, a considerable amount of time is spent on philanthropic efforts trying to make a difference to others any which way he can.

Anil has an engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Essex. He is keen on learning, and regularly attends courses and seminars related to artificial intelligence, data sciences, and cloud computing.